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With the digital marketing trends and the search engine optimization (SEO) landscape in a constant state of change over the last two years, it’s becoming more of a challenge to keep up with the latest search marketing facts and statistics. Between Google’s agenda for a secure internet and the rise of mobile and voice search, online marketing will continue to grow and shift rapidly for some time to come.

As you plan for the final months of 2018, here are 6 search marketing statistics you need to know.

6 Search Marketing Facts for 2018 You Need to Know

60% of People Began Using Voice Search in the Last Year

According to a survey from EarnedLinks, 60% of people admitted to trying and using voice search, mostly in their cars. The rise of voice search is significant because of the changes it brings to SEO marketing. What people ask for using voice search is very different and more conversational than what they would type into a computer or device when querying a search engine. That change must be reflected in a website’s SEO optimization for it to be competitive in the voice search arena.

84% of Consumers Won’t Buy a Website That’s Not Secured

A survey conducted by GlobalSign revealed that as many as 84% of consumers would abandon a shopping cart if the data was to be sent over an insecure connection. Now, thanks to changes Google started making in late 2017, it’s easier to distinguish a secure website from a site that’s not secured. It’s easier and cheaper than ever now to secure a website using secure socket layer (SSL) protocol. The benefits of securing a website include higher conversion rates and a better ranking since the search engines, especially Google, value a website that is secure.


Half of All First Page Google Results Are Now HTTPS

In 2018, the folks at reported that 30% of first page Google results in their 10,000 keyword tracking set was secured sites using SSL protocol. In 2018, the number jumped up to 50% which is another nod to the importance of securing your website. The change is likely more a result of the gradual adoption of the HTTPS protocol more than a result of changes to Google’s algorithm.

Google Receives 3.5 Billion Searches Per Day

Founded in September 1998, Google originally served about 10,000 search queries per day. These days, Google now handles more than 40,000 search queries each second. That means it handles 3.5 billion search queries per day and within a year 1.2 trillion.

By 2021 82% Of Consumer Internet Traffic Will Be Video

Using data collected by Cisco, it’s been projected that video will be outperforming all other online content in the near future. With a projected 82% of internet traffic going to video by 2021, many marketers are already making plans and shifting budgets to prepare.

Approximately Half of All Searches Are Four or More Words

People are no longer just typing keywords into Google and it’s an important consideration when it comes to keyword optimization. Because of the growing use of voice search, keyword phrases or long-tail keywords of four or more words are more commonly used. If a visitor was searching for bakeries in Cooperstown on a computer they might type in “Cooperstown bakeries” into the search engine. If they were asking using voice search, they are more likely to ask something like “Where can I find a bakery in Cooperstown?” Marketers working on keyword optimization need to plan for both types of search for best results in their SEO marketing efforts.


There’s a wealth of statistical information on digital marketing available and the wise study it carefully. The digital landscape has been changing at a rapid pace for the last couple of years and will continue to do so. Current information can be used not only to identify trends but to fine tune your SEO efforts to drive more targeted traffic to your website and expand your online audience.

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