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Cannabis Web Design s  and Marijuana Marketing Services

Paired with affordable, reliable connections to the World Wide Web and modern tech devices that are capable of accessing web browsers, the Internet is arguably one of the greatest human inventions of the past 50 years.

The global use of the Internet has increased steadily every year since its popularity began to snowball in the mid-1990s. Today, a whopping 55.1 percent of humans across planet Earth both have access to the World Wide Web and use it on a somewhat regular basis.

While the Internet can be an endless source of entertainment, a means of effectively pursuing education, and informing one’s self of the world’s latest news, the World Wide Web also acts as a competitive battleground for businesses of all sizes, structures, interests, and varieties.

Competing for recognition and paying customers isn’t easy

As of Jan. 2018, Internet-based security solutions provider and World Wide Web researcher Netcraft found that more than 1.805 billion unique websites collectively made up the Internet. This information came courtesy of the company’s Web Server Survey.

In terms of active websites, or those that are both currently open for use and daily hosts of multiple visitors, the Internet houses some 200 million of them. Although 200 million is just one-ninth of 1.8 billion, there’s not much of a practical difference between competing against 200 million and 1.8 billion websites of competitors. Either way, you’ll be tuning and tweaking your website, social media pages, and search engine optimization metrics for weeks on end, if not months or longer.

Let’s look into business statistics from entities here in the United States and how they related to web design and Internet-based marketing

The United States is home to more than 30,200,000 businesses, the overwhelming majority of which – 99.9 percent, says the United States Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy – are small businesses. About 18,700 of the aforementioned 30.2 million entities employ at least 500 employees, each of which have tons of resources to ration out on investments like website design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing.

Even though roughly one-third – 36 percent, as the 2018 Small Business Survey of Clutch, a leading CRM program and related service provider, indicates – of United States small businesses don’t have websites, that’s still a lot of competition throughout the United States itself.

OK, so roughly 10.07 million small businesses of the 30.2 million mentioned above don’t have web pages. The other 20.13-odd businesses are more than any proprietor could even hope to beat out for front-page spots on Google, better website conversion metrics, and brand awareness.

Why are web design and marketing services so importants

As mentioned above, there are more than 20 million businesses in America that have websites.

In the first few years of the modern Internet’s existence, digital agencies that provided search engine optimization, website design, and online marketing services simply weren’t popular. Over the past two decades, however, the demand for these services providers has skyrocketed.

As such, businesses need to solicit digital marketing and website design service providers to simply keep up with their competition. Most small business owners aren’t experts in digital services. Becoming an expert in the field takes years of hands-on practice and simply isn’t worthwhile for entrepreneurs to pursue.

Unless you’re a tried-and-true expert in multiple digital service fields, check out this brief rundown of how our team does business

We place website design at the top of our list of priorities. However, we also develop, or create them using computer programming, web pages from scratch. Lastly, we combine the interests of search engine optimization with brand identity to help businesses like yours build broader customer bases with higher customer retention rates.

How do we do web design?

Our websites will always feature high UX scores, simple layouts, and screen-responsive designs – that’s our promise to you.

We like to provide this analogy to clients: just like doing good deeds improve others’ perceptions of your character, having a top-notch website boosts potential customers’ perceptions of your company.

Here’s our two-part company philosophy with respect to web design: we always primarily concern our efforts on quality coding as opposed to putting design before information; with complexity comes confusion, and with confusion comes fewer customers and lower search engine rankings.

Do you sell things online? Maybe you don’t right now but are interested in e-commerce?

Using our e-commerce web design services, you can benefit from having a secure, web-based store open around-the-clock. Consumers can serve themselves, even if employees are nowhere to be found.

Customers will benefit from higher purchase satisfaction due to the ability to research products online before buying them. Our clients’ buyers also incur fewer billing-related issues thanks to our proprietary programming system. Your e-commerce store will also promote substitutes and complements to the right customers to beef up sales.

Here’s what you should know about our branding services

Businesses with strong brands are more likely to generate lifelong customer loyalty than their poorly-branded counterparts. Our corporate identity team can create logos, catchphrases, theme songs, and more in both digital and physical form.

We break your entity’s brand into three clean-cut components: behavior, including company values; communication, which ranges from things like creating company blog posts to PR; and design.

Our team promises to create crisp, clear, clean, G-rated, easily-digestible, visually-oriented brand messages. Further, those messages are guaranteed to be both professional and corporate-level in nature.

Lastly, our marijuana SEO services tie it all together

In today’s world of business, the majority of people research places to buy things using search engines. To best succeed online, you’ll need a mix of positive articles written by independent sources with links built back to your company’s website, tons of great reviews on Google, and an absence of bad press on search engines.

We’ve proven time and time again that our purely white-hat SEO strategies kick our own and your competitors to the curb.

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